Walking into the Sunset

As the wind flows through my hair and as I look at the lowering sun and the sky changing colors. I then start to think about my family and all the good memories we had and then all my friends I had but they ignored me and only spoke to me for there benefit and as I take a few steps forward they will never notice I'm walking to the sunset. I was always alone and no one was ever there for me and as I keep walking to the darkening sky. No one thinks of me unless I'm needed. So maybe it's time for me to go as I take one last step closer to the sunset I will always remember that I'm...


Falling I will always.

Falling is how it will always end.

Yet it seems I'm impatient for the day I fall to the end just to know what all the people I knew would do when I go into the dark forever.

This poem is about: 
My family


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