A Walk in the Rain

Mon, 05/04/2020 - 20:30 -- Frinky

I wrote this 16 years ago. 
I've come a long way....

As I walk down this path..... there’s no spirit close enough to be connected to my physical body. Not a soul in sight ...except my Shadow that passes by me every time I could see the light. 


All of these emotions flowing through me, cut me so deep... is it The love, the hatred, the hurt that I’ve experienced along this never ending street?


The Rain is pouring down harder. It’s all I can hear and the....

Splish-splash, the sound of my feet in the puddles making a beat, 

it’s getting slower, less therapeutic...


My black shirt is fading, sticking to my chest.... rain still pouring, jeans skin tight from all the water drenching me...now they don’t fit right. 


Heart rate is up, had a few drinks before I left the house of whatever else was in that empty cup. Where’s my relief now? Been on this journey several miles, Sweating it out...


breast showing, muscles bulging and pulsating because I’ve been on this journey for a long while, lost! I’m tired but my drive keeps me 


moving forward....In the cold rain, with warm blood running from my veins. About to faint... But


My entire body has been purified & washed clean, because I haven’t eaten in days, and this walk in the rain is the only time in the same time frame that I’ve bathed....


It doesn’t even matter that I’m shivering cold, looking for a sidewalk, to avoid the new oncoming traffic and the rain has transformed my natural hair...


fatigue continues, step by step, yearning to rest but I can’t sleep....the tears and the rain  have blocked my vision, no relief in sight... & the ache in my feet.


Numbness..... I can’t feel any more. 

Dizziness.....I dropped down, fainted, there is the floor... 




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