Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 14:05 -- Ahlam


What plunder

Walk two moons and a September

in these embroidered Sandals 

walk past city lines

into populations that look like pre-baked cake mix

One tone,

mean and heavy

wander to a place where grown men

carry kiddy nicknames so that they can make it home for supper

without facing obstacles shaped like Glocks 

and reek of mistaken, misaimed, misguided vengeance 

where women dye their hair blond

and carry ornaments of religiousness 

they don’t follow 

memorize the phrases

and study the scriptures

because on good days

there’s only one pop quiz, 

"Sir with the sandals,

On the 45th page,

what does God say?"

and don’t you dare stutter, 

because you still have

a moon and a September

to prepare for.



These poems were originally posted on my tumblr blog, 


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