a walk home

Sun, 02/03/2019 - 17:41 -- thyreez

the pain feels so good
just like it should
the only feeling you have left 
your happiness gone by theft
no need to pretend, you can take the mask off
all you hear is but the sound of your cough
another day of being a ghost
cause for fools attention you'd never be a host
the world looks the same
the people still brings them to shame
you see no light only people
you grow stiff, like you've been glued with treacle
and just as you've truly lost contact of the world
a random greeting is hurled
politely saying "oh...hi" to avoid being rude
but to you everyone is just crude
and the best part is leaving the crowd
you've avoided contact, you feel so proud
so why feel lost in a random place
when loneliness is what you'll always face

This poem is about: 
Our world



Aw a soulful lonely feel poem, yes pain can feel so good sometimes. This is an awesome poem so you should write more often since your rhyming is creative. Kudos.


so nice to read from u again ,plz pleez do review/comment my newest poem too.

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