A Walk Down Memory Lane

If you wake before the sun does,

And walk down to the old,

But not yet abandoned, house

At the end of your street,

You'll see a pair of sparkling, blue eyes,

That look like they know the secrets of the world.

Old and wise.

They'll stare right back at you,

Out of the window at the front of the house. 


Don't be shy.

Knock on the front door.

Don't worry.

It'll eventually open.

When it opens,

You will see a very,

Very old man.


He'll invite you in,

It'd be rude not to,

And offer you some cookies.


While you'll be munching on chocolate chips,

The old man will start speaking of his many, 

Many adventures.

"There were many awesome moments."

He'll say.

Then they'll begin,

The stories.


He'll tell you everything.

From how he loved playing,

Football in the rain,

To how he was only 18,

When he joined the Navy.


He'll speak animatedly,

About his marriage to the first,

And only love of his life.

Only to lose all enthusiasm,

As he will remember,

The death of his wife.


He'll speak about,

All of his trips around the world.

Starting in New York,

Going to Canada,


Ending in Peru.



Then he'll run out of stories,

And sit still,

In silence.

A smile on his face,

His wrinkles seemingly fading.



When you will leave,

He'll say,


Life is a crazy,

Sometimes tragic,


 But awful,

Awesome thing.

And if I have learned anything,


In my lifetime,

It is to always keep moving forward.

Only look back,

At the end of the road."










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