Waking Up

Sat, 06/18/2016 - 15:05 -- Ty47

Lying in this darkened room
Trapped inside my thoughts.
I feel heat creep up behind me
Next thing I know
Your body
Pressed against my body
Oh, how I've missed this.
you trace kisses
down the back of my neck
To my shoulder then back
Oh, how I've missed you.
I turn around
So we're face to face
Breasts to chest
Limbs a tangled mess
'Cause I can't resist you.
We kiss slowly
Sharing lazy smiles in between
Our souls burn in tandem.
You can't resist me either.
But we don't need to go any further than this...
We're much too connected
For a sexual assist.
I am content
With just basking in your embrace
Those deep beautiful eyes
Pierce into mine
And right away
You know me
From you I cannot hide.
Please lay back, my dear,
I want to place my head
upon your heart.
The steady beat
The surest sound
I've ever heard,
I close my eyes
And sway.
I've fallen for you
All over again.
Close your arms around me
To keep me safe all night...
But as I drift off to sleep
I realize
You've only become a part of my

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