Mon, 05/20/2013 - 15:55 -- CapnNar

You're smiling today,
Thank you for being this way,
The way that you are.
I don't expect anything,
No, not anything,
Not a thing at all. . . From you.
Promises meant nothing
Wishes were dreams.
If I had meant anything, then why did you leave?
I caught you laughing to yourself,
At yourself,
With yourself.
I caught you opening your heart.
I shared my side of the story,
Then I broke it apart.
I promised lies I couldn't keep,
I wished for your dreams when I couldn't sleep
But this is nothing compared to the reality of it all.
I got lost in my mind,
You got lost in your time.
We found ourselves searching for answers,
cures for this love sick cancer.
This must be me dreaming,
There's no way I'm being open with these feelings
Towards you.
Love you.
Love you.
I think I love you. More than you love me.
One day you'll see. I'll show you, I swear.
The things I said weren't good enough proof.
It's the things that I do, that'll show you.
I'll rediscover love, I believe it's in me.
I'll share mine with you. I promise.
I promise you.
This is enough for now.
Yes, for now I'll wait.
Take your time,
I'll be patient for this.


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