Feeling free on a mountain top,

allowing my lungs to taste the air's savor.

running in fields of glory, and paths of light,

as the pain of my heart flows away as a graceful swan.

A crow appears before my eyes,

destruction and pain, slips through every artery and vain as a lethal injection.

suffering from angina, with no relief, no care, no antidote.

As I run through the valley of thorns, to a side of no understanding,

I feel my conscience tell me keep wading its not over yet.

bloodshed and piercing bullets fly past my crown, 

devastation floods my ears,

all because of my tongue.

I continue to wade, through the waters,

low and unseen.

My journeys continue until I see a light, bright enough to kill our sins.

It travels closer, its demeanor's odd; puzzling, if you may add.

I develop the courage to reach and set a light touch to it's illumination,

but as I do so reality hits me like a 7 ton boulder.

I blink to moisten my dry eyes. 

This was nothing but a coma, an eight hour coma that plagued me.

It was all a nightmare, a nightmare that almost ended my light.

I am wading for my life and I didn't even know it.



A/N: Ignore all errors in this text, I was persuaded by my feelings and decided to write them on paper.



I love the picture that you create as if I'm there. Very deep poem and a place that we have all wondered before.

Sincerely Mikayla

So happy you enjoyed :) Thanks a bunch! :)

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