Mon, 02/12/2018 - 11:48 -- LakiyaM

It has been months

The vultures take turns feeding on my flesh

I dont know how after all of the harsh weather my remains are fresh


I dont know if i should be vulgar like this

I dont want this message to be a hit and miss 

I am hoping this does not make me cry

A bunch of " I love you's" would be sent my way

And they wound be full of nothingness 


I told you how people beat the love out of my body

And tried to rub me down until it exuded out of my pores

But instead of your hands, you used your words to cut me


For months I have been knee deep in blood 

And I Could not find one person to help me clean it all up

Not one dam to protect me from this flood

You seen me last year, I almost drowned


And after all of my days of frowning,

You told me I was bringing you down

You told me you did not want to hear what I was talking about 

You told me things would change,

At the circumstances of someone else

And then you told me you did not trust me


 You took the last flower from me

My garden was already so bare

You took my last peice of life and made it something ugly


And then you tried to hug me

As if you were not apart of my last big sin

As if you wont remember all of this when I wither away,

When I die


I sound bitter

But I hope this poem makes you cry








This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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