You, girl. Wee girl.

Oblivious to the world that surrounds you.

The vultures, the animals.

Creatures we call people.


They'll wine you, they'll dine you,

They'll rip you to shreds.

Build you up to tear you down.

Just a queen with a dirt crown.


You, blood. Young blood.

Don't listen to your mother?

The others, those people.

Don't care. Who cares.


Every vulture wants their pound of flesh.

Every animal their money’s worth.

Keep your nose down,

Too much water and you'll drown


You, now. Grown up now.

How's it treated you?

This place, a funny place.

"There are voices but not one face."


They come and they go.

You fall down for them to pick you up.

You don't wear the crown,

Not in this town.


You, girl. Gone girl.

Nothing but a memory,

No one but yourself.

Just another book on the dusty shelf.


They got what they wanted.

Ate your soul,

Tore you down.

Now you're a vulture of the town.


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