"The Vulnerable"


We don't have any excuse to keep silent,
Even amidst our generational plight
To withhold our appreciation to your efforts
For this foundamental historical event
That you decided to undertake at the cost of shame.

We are grateful for shutting down the economy,
In order to protect us from death
For it's better to die of hunger than death.
If vehicles keep moving,
They propagate the virus in the massess,
It's better for doctors to steal drugs..
At the expense of the tax payer's sweat
So that they can manage victims of the virus.

We are overwhelmed at the love you have for us
That you we able to send us out of work
To allow essential workers of the nation to trace the danger.
We appreciate the fact that you know all our problems
That's why only those in the urban centres
Are the main agenda on this relief programme.
At least it has opened our eyes
And we now know that
Our nation is made up of only three districts:
Kampala,mukono and wakiso
Because they are the only ones who pay taxes.

It is only a duck that does not understand vulnerable,
Whenever she is grazing,
Her stomach is the only item on the agenda.
When the cat is the cook,
False prophets will say," rats will eat that food"

Our houses and homes are in great jubilation
When we started receiving the said relief to us,
The " RUNGU" boys have their mobile accounts
Over flowing with the communicated amount
To help them buy more canes
Recharge their strength
To beat and weed us professionally
From the unwanted gardens.

As you know,
The vulnerable chairs, councilors and "them"
Have all received the relief to help them
Look after the dwellers of their confines.
We are glad to inform you that
Your handling of our plight has fulfilled
The words of the far gone gray hairs
When they said,
"When the Hyena is the judge and goats the accused,
Then their pronuncement is obvious"
For any fish that thinks every object around it
Is its friend,
Then one day it will find itself in the frying pan.

We want to end this speech by
Thanking you once more and advise that
The same spirit be held time without number
And also inform you that,
"The more a monkey climbs a mountain,
The more it reveals its private parts"
That explains why the"Rabbit" sleeps with its eyes open.

Nabende Emmanuel Leonard Chipukizi
"Education made our Eyes sprout"

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