A Vote Is...

A vote is the 19th amendment

It is the shield for my mother, my sister, and my aunt

It is the yellow stars that fall upon me

It is the bruises that have been formed

The blood that has been lost

And the skin that has been torn

It is the purple, gold, and white!

It is the fight we have finally won!


A vote is the 15th amendment

It is the man that has been hung for all of his kids to see

It is the laws that build a wall between black men and the voting polls

It is the call for freedom that has been heard

But still ignored

It is the hearts that have been torn


A vote is the 26th amendment

It is the ones who were sent to die for our rights

It is the ones who cry “if I am old enough to die, I am old enough to vote!”

It is the numbers 18 and 21

It is the real war that has begun

This poem is about: 
My community
My country




I really like your poem.

I am producing a theme theatre piece on Voting History in the USA for a middle school in NJ.  I'd like to use your poem and credit it, can you send me your name so I can credit the poem appropriately.




You absolutely can! I would be so honored!! My full name is Lucianna Davis :) 

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