To Vote

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 20:54 -- yamig29

In a struggling society, people become passive, shallow, and highly conformist

Exhibiting excessive pompousness

In a struggling society there are struggling individuals

The formation of more eminent boundaries in our communities

But you have the right to decide!

We all have the right to decide!

Dictate residency eminent enormity of eminent conformity is not so winsome

Until we win some

This dictates our reality

Reality, a reflection of repetition

You become Sisyphus!

They are the rocks like meteorites they bring you down

Along with your rights gold fire against your crown mind

But you can be the rock that stands your ground, unwind

Do not intertwine, for there are galaxies in each individual to find

Let us not further perpetuate division

be the middleman of keen competition

When you vote, you vote culture, you vote for yourself

for America to admit something other than sense of wealth

To breed generations of integrated minds

But if you don’t speak for your own

You become a part of the line

Others will speak for you

 do not then blame them for America’s  assimilation

go out and make an important decision

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