Void Of Beauty


Sterling Klein

August 09, 2014


Is it sad to say that I've 

forgotten my face once more?
I know the little things
But the rest is such a bore. 
I love my dark curls
And my dark brown-hazel eyes,
And all the beauty marks 
Though they vary in their size. 
Yet as time ticks by
Whether occupied or just asleep
The images of my appearance
I never can seem to keep. 
So when I look into my mirror, 
I jump back in surprise
Noticing how tears look like 
They're 'bout to spill down my eyes
Though many see my beauty
In the points shown on my skin
I always am terrified to see
The scars within.
So, know I don't see my beauty
Or how a smile lights up my face
Because by the time someone tells me this
The image has left my brain and wandered into space
Leaving me to think of 
all the horrors left behind
And all the impurities 
only I can seem to find. 
So when I say "I'm not beautiful," 
I'm not begging for flattering remarks. 
I'm simply saying that what you see
Is never there in my mind or heart. 



Holy cow. This is so beautiful.

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