The voices are here.

If the pain is deep,

Weep my darling, weep.

We are only human.

Our wounds do seep.

We are only human, but I can't sleep.


Have you lost your sanity?

I've certainly lost mine.

My darling are you fine?

Why are you so cold and pale have I run out of time?


With hair so fine,

And eyes so blue please tel me I love you.

Please say those words I long to hear.

Yet those words bring my heart fear.


My darling why are you so quiet?

Your lips are losing that tint of violet.

Do you hear those voices?

I'm beggining to grow scared.


Be silent, Be still do you hear?

Those whispers so haunting,

They are getting near.

It's him with eyes so daunting,

I fear he's come for you my dear.

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