Voiceless Emotions (Part 1 of 3)

I want her burdens.
I want to take those things she doesn't think are THAT heavy, off of her shoulders.
She makes it seem like she doesn't want to give them to me.
But I'm pretty sure we both know what's best.
I love her.
I want her to share her struggle with me.
So we can handle them together.
Even if it takes forever.
Saying that doesn't sound amazing is believing a lie.
Where the you that's inside is hidden from secrets everyone knows.
The secret that She thinks I know, but i don't.
Feelings are beautifully hideous.
She keeps me oblivious to the pretty ugly reality she ISN'T casually living in because why believe in the ability to express feelings that aren't there in peoples eyes?
Thats for me to find out, what parts don't you want to give to me?
Those are the parts I don't have, those words you've never said aloud,
Thats what I need to hear,
Those things that happened only few will ever know about,
Thats what I need,
Those secrets that you'll never tell anyone.
Thats what I need to cherish.
Maybe it involves different priorities. I want to make you happy. Happiness comes with alot of things, but the root of happiness is love.
I want you to love me when I feel too hurt to love back.
You.... Is what and who I care about. Well I know your priorities in my mind, But what are your priorities in your Mind? That's what you're not telling me.
It's possible to be in love with someone that doesn't love you back, But my unconditional love that increases each time I see your face, hear your voice or think- needs your love. When will you be able to give it to me.?


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