Vir de Potens

Quondam ille erat nomen cum Ace ei qui non fuit-

Vir circumscribere poesem sed homo qui fuit potens.

Is me tam visitat. Quom is fecerat ille dixit, “Ace sum.”

Quom dixi, “Ange sum.” Post ille, is dixit, “Potestas mihi-

“Est virtutes. Multus occideram belluas.” Fui attonitus.


Ivi tam nos in multus facinus salvare orbam terram.

Populum belluae petunt, tum petimus nos ea item.

Putat ut potestatem non habeam, tum idico facio-

Ille. Is erat attonitus per hoc plus quam per potestatem.


Tum quam nos imus in multus ausum una vincere belluas.

“Amo te,” nos dicabamus una cum magna laeta. Laeti sunt.


Once upon a time, there was with name to him Ace, who was not-

A man to write poetry, but was a man who was powerful.

So he had visited me. After he had done that he said, “I am Ace.”

Afterwards, I said, “I am Ange.” After that, he said, “To me, there is the power-

“Of an army. I have slain many monsters.” I was astonished.

So then we go on many adventure to save the spinning world.

The monsters attack the population, then we attack them likewise.

He thinks that I do not have power, then I indicate I have-

That. He was astonished by this more than by his powers.

Then when we go on many adventure together to defeat monsters.

“I love you,” we said together with great happiness. They are happy.




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