Tue, 05/07/2013 - 07:48 -- loki827


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Life would be unbearable without her.
Nightmares would rain down, cascading over my dreams without her.
Breathing would be cold. Stale. Harsh. Without her.
Existence would just be a word to describe my meaningless fate, without her.

And now life is.
My nightmares relentlessly haunt my very core.
Breathing only reminds me of which she can do no longer.
My existence without her is nothing more than a sad story of a washed up man with nothing to live for.

She was reported as the victim of a drunk driver.
Yet I feel like I've been in a head on collision. My heart being thrashed about, torn asunder, gouged.

I awaken from my nightmare. Taking sharp shallow breaths. Ready to fight through another day... without her.


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