The Venom

the water falls from nowhere as it obliviates everything in its path so beautifully yet equally as terrifying. 

As it falls on the paper the ink bleeds creating a mesmerizing swirl of darkness.

it fades into the crisp white page that has the most repulsing word written so delicately across it. 

The midnight black ink bleeds into itself developing an unidentifiable mess of water and lost hope along with the overwhelming feeling of abandonment.


The burning water pierces your skin as it lands upon your heavenly cheek and slithers down the crooked curve of your nose. 

it hits the page once again blurring your reality even more as it decays the ropes that are latched on to your humanity. 

One by one the threads break and with each sickening snap the liquid comes faster and hotter, this time decaying you. 


another drop hits your skin and you let out a cry for help as it pools at the bottom of your lips,

at least you think you do,

but the pain has become so unbearable your oath of consciousness is in the midst of being broken, just like you. 

you let yourself go as the liquid that feels like poison eats away at any desire you have ever had you start to drown in the few drops of water that don't feel like water and you close your eyes and pray to the God who did this to you


you pray to make it stop for the love of all things good and holy 

make it stop before I tear through the last surface 

please make it stop before I cut the last rope 

please make it stop before the poisoned water takes over 

please make it stop before I rip my skin off because it burns so much

please make it stop before I loose control 

please make it stop before it's too late 

please make it stop before I give in 

please make it stop before I choose differently. 

before I change my mind

please make it stop 


but it's too late because as you so carefully re-write the word goodbye 

under the spiral of emotion that was so pleasantly destroyed 

you realize the venom is coming from you. 

your eyes are filled with it as it blurs out your vision, 

your escape,

you pick up the bottle.

and you blink the tears out one more time

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