Velvet Period

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 20:37 -- lac5425


United States
40° 12' 36.702" N, 79° 45' 4.3308" W

As the days start to grow, the dew dries faster in the morning
Creation from every crack that has found an onset for life

Antlers are welcomed from crowns shaking off April showers
Deer feed and bloom, flowing brave saplings based at elm trees

Till fall they will breathe through delicate bronze velvet
Luxury fueling mass expansion for a harsher purpose

They match the trees branching out and up
Yearning to block what sun touches ground

Time deepens them to ever changing shades of auburn
The earth they mimic, controls their life and expansion

Fall rapes the branches of their leaves and delicate beauty
Ambers, honeys, and peaches die back to dead terra-cotta

Cold winds crack the bark that hugged trees through storms
Even ice can burn, leaving nothing but a deep dismal umber

Deer dispute off their light velvet inflicting blood tears
The bark once a russet beige, slashed with a scarlet hue

Emerged is blood stained stone daggers where docile growth once thrived
Aggression beams within and out, now they crash and clatter for mates

They depart faster than they arose, before the snow melts
Dead weight now, the impersonal mating season is over

They fall heavy, given no sorrows or second thoughts
Then the earth bitterly seizes what was lent, once more


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