The Valley


A dark veil closes over me 
A known and dreaded sight 
I'll wade through ruined fantasies 
Dark will annex the light 

Bless my soul it dies today 
To be reborn in time 
I'll learn so much 
Risk life leaves me behind 

With every step the darkness trails 
But light will be there, too 
And when I think that I may fail 
My light will shine on through 

And when I reach the valley's end 
I'll humbly move on 
And when I die 
I'll pass the light along  

Although I walk the valley 
I won't be on my own 
I've got a wake behind me 
And someday I'll go home 

The valley will be long 
And my faith may not be strong 
But if I try 
I will make it to the end                        


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