Valentine’s Day - Part One

(Written between the ages of eight & twelve. 

Then Edited as an adult.) 


It is a day for love. 

A day for fun, a day for chocolate, 

a day like no other and a day  

for all to come together as one. 


It is a day to remember. 

Because of that special someone, 

that makes your day brighter, 

and you feel like you don’t even have a bother. 


Everything looks better. 

Life is worth living and, on this day 

you remember all of that. 

So, let me just say - this day is special. 

We share it with the people we love the most. 

Whether it’s your family, your husband, your wife,  

your boyfriend or just a friend, it is a special day 

not just for us but also for everyone else. 


Even though my poem is done. 

There is more than just this. 

There are roses, chocolate and presents, 

but most important of all there is love. 

-- By Aurora Faustini


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