In vain

I can't stand you
Your crooked smile, making my living worth while..
At least for the moment.
Every time we meet, it's the same attraction except with more passion
I feel closer to you when your aura is crashing into mine and when your distant I just relapse with the time.
My mind, is something you're constantly on right after I see you and when you're gone I can't get you off until weeks have passed through
And I just can't stand you..
Wanting to make a move but I know I shouldn't
Telling you how I feel would be foolish to our friendship and trust but I feel it's a must that I get this off my chest before dawn turns to dusk and we turn to dust, two souls carried by the wind onto a different path.
Every time I do the math, our timing is way off.
We're just two young beings who are clueless about life.
We swear we know it all, but in the end, we're never right.. we don't know shit.
So while I'm clueless and you're clueless let's do this before I change my mind
Or maybe we shouldn't because I'll mention again.. now is not the time.
And I just can't stand it.
Not seeing you for days, weeks, months, but when we come together I can't even put on a front because the same way I've always felt about you will always be shown.
Is it just me, or are you also aware?
Of the same stare I've always given you when it's just you and I, alone.
Maybe you have already known.
You're not that clueless.
I know you feel the tension in the air, and a sense of despair, to me it's unfair.. this feeling.
I just.. can't stand it.

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