Vagrant Falcon

Picture, immeasurable heights above,

The distant expanse-a plane eternal-

Seems so minute or remote, miniscule.

Inconsequential are rough shelves of cliffs,

Sapphire ocean-pond with its white-caps,

And the bushy forest: a shag of heather.

Disconnected in the expanse of space

Floats a lofty point, a dark roving speck

Look closer and see tapered razor wings-

A jet-blue crown with fierce, bright, piercing eyes

Talons like needling rapiers that clench.

Such strength wedded with grace and gentle curves

A vagrant tiercel, not of this world

(or any other for he shuns the land)

Delights himself in his prowess of flight

Self-confident in spirals of blazing speed

Stooping to snatch the weak out of the air

Returning to a realm of freedom

Where he remains forever wandering

Nowhere at home, everywhere in command.


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