Mon, 07/04/2016 - 21:50 -- ealong

dont be too fat 

dont be too thin

for gods sake dont be so loud 

you are too quiet 

dont be a tease 

why are you such a prude

dont be a ditz

let me lecture you on your doctorate 

where is your thigh gap?

you actually read that shit?

you are so judegemental

you are never satisfied

stand up for yourself

dont be so agressive 

sex is over when I cum

the female orgasm is not MY responsibility 

its a function of YOUR anatomy

shave everything accept your head 

keep that long so i have something to hold

like a halter, or a bit. or a bridal.

you cant escape 

you are too emotional 

you are such an ice queen 

you are here for me to look at and admire


your tits are too big, small cover up 

show some leg

if you smiled things would happen for you 

to you 

fuck short skirts 

she asked for it 

no means yes... idiot 

dont get drunk 

dont have sex, you will get pregnant and die

shame on you for having an abortion

pay you 77% maybe 50 if you are black

regulate my pleasure and my body 

regulate my clothing and my safetey 

cat called in the street 

stared down in the gym 


intimidated opressed depressed 

tiptoe on a double edged sword

let it enter you 

let it evicerate you 

fill you up 

enpty you our 

and sew you up


This poem is about: 
Our world


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