Home of the free and land of the brave right?

Yeah, that only applies to you if you're white.

The basic human rights that are supposedly given to all people; guess it doesn't apply to some people right?

I guess it is okay to kill an innocent man with babies.

I guess it is ok to kill  an innocent black man  in a car with there child and their lady

I guess it is ok to kill a black teen who looks " suspicious", while walking home after getting some skittle

and Arizona Iced tea, then brag about it

Then, it's ok to auction off the gun you killed him with.

Why is it that 1/3 black men are expected to go to jail in their lifetime

Why is it I have to worry about every black father being killed by an officer including mine?!

The police are nothing but the KKK in a mask.

Killing all black and brown men is their special task.

The police, after they, the KKK, kill our black men, they just leave and still get paid.

This is a day in the USA.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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