Load it up, click, clack, bang.
What a shame
To the name, America
United States of America? The divided states of embarrassment.
Divided we fall, we must be united, but how can we reunite it with all of the violence?
Ambulance sirens, mother's cryin, bullets flyin, children dyin.
But where is our future?
The kids are our future, they must be educated, violence eradicated, gun control advocated.
Where is our future?
Hidin under tables? Terrified because in the hall there's a shooter?
This is not our future, we must create a solution. How long do we pray for change without makin it happen?
we need some action.
We got a orange man, with a spray tan, in the white house, who always runs his mouth yet nothing good ever comes out.
Don't you think we should speak how we feel?
Scared To go to school and get killed?
The void the pain leaves is never filled.
How does this mindset become instilled?
What goes through your mind when you load that glock 9?
Or is it nothing at all, just a matter of time?
Do you think in Advance or finish then press rewind?
They screamin "Make America great again"
How bout we make our schools safe again?
So kids aint seein yellow tape again.
Get inside of a child's mind and fathom that the pain ain't left behind, worried that their school will be the next Columbine.
Supposedly the greatest nation, this is sadly mistaken, kids can't even go to school without lives bein taken.
There's still no convincin the politician, whos always benefitin off the NRA.
Gun control would decrease his cash flow and that's all he's really in for.

This poem is about: 
My country



The poem was written for my theatre class in response to school shootings 

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