Urban Ethics and Knowledge: A Series (II)

While You humping and bumping the pussy 

In the bed, trying to keep the same sensation of getting some head 

Trying your best not to hit your cabeza on la cabecera  

That good Shit Be Having You In a Different era 

The smell of sex! A Different Type Of Air huh? 

But you can’t stop There! You need to go for a Mara- 

Thon, it’s HammerTime 

When you get a bang bang all over you!    

You Betta Make Sure She Rock The Mic like Lil Kim Do 

You Know How Excited You Be When You Finna Get Some Shit Wet And Nice, Yo Ass Be Hype! 

Yeah It’s All Fun And Games Until They Be Like no “Not Tonight” 

And Yo Ass Sitting There Blue and Bruised, Y'all Niggas Be Dumb Tight 


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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