Upon This Year

I had looked forward to this year

Ignorant of what was to come

Why did it have to start with tears

Life was lachrymose, very glum

It was New Year’s during countdown

Three! Two! One! Ring! Ring! Cat’s dead!

I was helpless and out of town

This was a sign of what’s ahead.

It is now April, times are good

My uncle dies, sorry for your loss

I didn’t cry when I knew I should

For the family, I carried a cross

Father’s Day was to be happy

It was not for my aunt’s father

Who found his daughter sadly

Right before church, call the doctor

“It comes in threes!” I said

Boy was I wrong

So many more dead

For each we sang a song.

They all went quietly

Except for the cats

Who died rather violently

Killed just like rats

These blows to the heart were unexpected

But I don’t cry any more tears

Knowing God chose his selected

 Backward I looked, what a year

This poem is about: 
My family


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