unwanted cemetery


To the boys who raped my best friend,

You didn't know why she was on the bus that day so I'll tell you 

She went to lay flowers at her best friend’s grave 

She didn't know you would be laying her in her own 

To the boys who raped my best friend 

There was no invitation 

No words exchanged 

Before you decided to take and break and rape a girl you didn't even know 

I often wonder if it was a mutual decision when you saw her 

Or if you went out raping like you were going hunting for some prize 

I hope you know the only thing you won was a prize spot in hell 

To the boys who raped my best friend 

Did it turn you on when she screamed STOP PLEASE IM ONLY FIFTEEN?

Did it turn you on when her screams turned to sobs?

Did you like it when you made her bleed?

You dragged her into that alley by her hair 

She shaved it all off two days later 

Trying to burn away the graveyard you built in her 

To the boys who raped my best friend 

There were five of you 

One of you must've known 

That you were taking something that didn't belong to you 

Yet you all sat and got your fill. 

To the boys who raped my best friend 

She can't go out now because it's just another excuse for boys like you to lay hands on her 

Hands that take only what they want leaving destruction in their wake 

She's never been able to wake up from this nightmare 

Because when she closes her eyes your voices are still in her head 

You are the boogey man 

You are Jack the Ripper 

Nightmare at the bus stop 

You are the bad guys our parents told us to run from 

Yet she couldn't run from you 

So axe murderer tell me where you hide your bodies when you're done with them 

Because you just left her in that alley 

She laid in that alley until 3 in the morning 

She stitched herself up and put her sweater back on 

It was in a mud puddle 

She's still in that mud puddle 

I hope you know she got grounded for staying out so late 

So she'll never go out again 

When she told her family

 The first thing from her father’s lips was 

What were you wearing?

Her mother still doesn't believe her 

Her therapist couldn't help her 

Her Sunday mornings 

Turned to Sunday mourning 

To the boys who raped my best friend,

You did more then rape her that night 

You laid her in her grave. 

To the boys came to my best friends funeral 

To the boys who shook her parent’s hand and said I’m sorry

You apologized to her parents like you weren't the knife in her back 

So to you five monsters of men 

You Moby Dicks

You Animal Farm

You Catcher and She Dies

You Lord of the Flies

You, you are the reason she's dead.


 I hope you liked it when you made her scream 

This poem is about: 
My community


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