Untitled Decisions

Lord this is my last trip please forgive me for my sins

The sins of which I hold in my den

That has already grabbed me up by my chin

As if it was a sharks’ fin.


I’d rather die before I fake it

I just don’t seem to fit in

Fit in this lie perceived by the world

This embodiment that I always seem to twirl

Twirl like a twister and I am at the end of its curl


He always told me

Play your cards right you have jokers in your deck

But I always seemed to jet

Even when I get lost in the outlet

I flew like an Eagle with wings of a humming bird

And then I found my flirt.


I was in love yes indeed

I even tried to lead

Lead because we had the potential to be monumental

But his love was lethal

He always says I have you but you can’t have me

but he seems to want me to lead our endless breed

we had haters

The kind that even when you show em’ love they always want to hate you

The kind that raised hell just because they were living hell

But every time I fell

Mama would say “Baby you’re a winner not a quitter”

But I was tired of crying I just wanted her to tell me one more lie

To suppress the need of my feelings because I just wanted to die


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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