Notoriety and self imagery are words made fill the dictionary with no real meaning, or giving false hope to those believing,
My soul screaming due to battling multiple demons that i won't speak of
What's the use if I'm see as refuse by those i hold dear and true
To you it may seem nonchalant to me it means a lot
I'm tired of being in the lights spot
Paranoia and psychosis not helping a lot
Could've been blind if it wasn't for a simple blood clot
Rugs and clothes materialistic things means not
What i want is to watch the clock
Till i drift off in my suite cott
Dead flesh rots
So bless the living and don't flock
Sodomites with solemn rights
Wanna grab mics to make right
In stead we write to right the wrongs despite the despise of many eye looking at the sun rise
The son has already risen from dawn break and that's not mistaken
Take it as you will I'm not complacent
Complaints from neighbours who only know half the comments
Spat commits mets flaming till the point im naucious
Her love was cosmic why did i flaunt it
She was too gorgeous
And I'm just average
She beyond basic
And I forgot to shave my features
Instead I laced my sneakers preaching to a choir of lakers
Paper was the motive now I'm changing
I need her forgiveness
To actually reach bliss in life with no contest
My heart split like Pangia continental drift
When she left it caused a rift in my chest

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