Look up into the skies,
Gaze upon the graceful clouds.
Notice how the sun flickers,
Behold the beauty all around.

Examine the lofty grass,
Behold the friendship with the ground.
Study their upward direction,
The grass ganders at the beauty all around.

Listen to the rolling thunder,
Now it's the lightning to be found.
Watch as the rain becomes acquainted,
With the beauty all around.

Gape upon the attacking lightning,
For it's the tree the attacker found.
Scrutinize the new set fire,
Dancing in the fire all around.

Inspect the bright lit moon,
Bring the fireflies abound.
The lightning bugs bring life to the night,
Buzzing through the beauty all around.

Now scan how lifeless the night is,
As the inhabitants leave their ground.
But how can there be contemplation,
When the night shrouds the beauty all around?



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