Lets see where to begin,the process of that fire burning passion,first started talking and things were popping .But eventually reality started crumbling down and things stopped.The guy I thought was my knight and shining armor was just a dumb azz wrapped in aluminium foil who stopped traffic lights.I was in a daze,and wanted to believa that hazy feeling that came and left throughout those lonely days with you.Then out of nowhere you turned into an egotistical jackazz,it was like a slap in the face .Where did that sweet guy go?Or was he ever there ,and you were just showing your true colors.Damn I dont know!Blow!Blow!Blow! Just get to stepping nigga cuz you just dont know...I wanted to believe you but you took me to the edge.You pushed me off and let me bust my head.I've been in this process before but for some reason you left me with a bad lingering sore.Rip!Rip!Snap!Snap!Thats what it sounded like when you were stabbing me in the back.The anger rises in me,But guess what baby it aint all bad for me.You made me determined.You made me have that drive.I now strive to get to my destiny.But of course I'm way more guarded.And I promise you I will never let another guy make me feel the way you did towards the end....The thought of you makes me sick,and yet I still have feelings for you deep within.Damn man you lost a good one.But I wont blame it all on you.Cuz I did some stupid stuff too.But you taught me a thing or two.And for that reason I appreciate you.


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