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now in truth I know I'm only 16 so I have years and years to progress into a dream, you see all these stars are gettin old their times almost up so get to stepping old-timers and back the hell up, make way for this generation. we can't be stopped when we got people like cash hollistah tellin us we can't be stopped. but don't lose yourself and end up like lil wayne with no skills no talent man he shouldn't have a dime to his name, with that trash he's tryin to sell you but hey y'all buyin it, I'm so ashamed he so lame bro I ain't even hearin it is an embarrassment to have him representing hip-hop when we got rapper like T.I, Eminem and the list just don't stop. well we have drake and nicki minaj who are sorta iffy but we can blow this stage up with our words better than they can and we ain't even famous ya feel me, ya hearin me, I'm talkin to you we can change hip-hop for the better make it real like it use to be before they started playin the same words with the same beat monotonously..boring, but its makin money right, no it never use to be about the cash but the heart and on this stage in this school in this city is where I will start. my dream my life is on its way but it won't do any good if I stay, I gotta get away, to a place where dreams like mine come true who knew I'd b the one in a million. to have friends like you who support me at my highs and lows, I'm gonna succeed I'm gonna reach out and achieve my dream I may be from a small town in kansas but that ain't stopping me and when I'm sellin out millions this I can guarantee I will always remember where I come from, I will always remember you all but my dream is just starting so please catch me if I ever start to fall.


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