Until Next Time

we met through chance
what were the odds that, of all the people, we fell into each other's arms giggling?
out of billions
i spoke to you and was afraid that you were not who you said, a girl a year older a year bolder wiser kinder
we talked through our tumultuous childhoods, thousands of whispers passed between two anonymous sets of fingers
a hint dropped of locations, wonder and excitement and fear grazing my mind as we put the pieces together
figured out that, yes, we both lived on this tiny pebble, rippling sea surrounding
i was so afraid
afraid of the girl who didn't know my true name but knew i cried myself to sleep sometimes and loved to watch the world go by from grimy bus windows
knew i was a bulldog and that i'd come to the kennel with a rainbow backpack on my first day of seventh grade, scuffed sneakers
voice a squeaky hymn of shame
a blonde boy shouted
and he jogged behind two girls, one with ghiradelli curls and the other with gently waving hair of not-quite brown, not truly blonde, a touch of red in a certain light
i remember the bangs in your eyes
we passed the years with our antics frantically running up and down and across our tiny world, exploring the forest behind and our thoughts as night stretched on
we sped through time in our scuffed shoes and denim, through our phases and feelings and problems and helped each other solve them through tears of joy or sorrow
you were patient as i found my strength diminished and told you "maybe tomorrow"
and when tomorrow did arrive we journeyed to the pipe above a thinning river where we kicked our feet and skipped our stones and talked for hours about leaving our homes
you said you were excited
you said you were afraid
our tiny world was much too small
and you wanted to spread your wings, taste the sky of somewhere new
we journeyed through fights and hugs and bus schedule screw ups ended up missing a turn as we walked
so we walked
until our feet nearly gave out
you cut your hair and i could see your eyes
you graduated high school with tears in your eyes
an internet escapade became the highlight of my life even as i hugged you for our final goodbyes
only it wasn't goodbye, you told me, it's was "until next time."
we met through chance
through conversations of text and emotion unfiltered, two little girls spilling their hearts out
and here we are again
conversations of text and emotion
two sets of fingers spilling thoughts unrestrained across an ocean


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