Untame to Loving Control

You were once wild and free

You were able to do whatever you want

You were convinced that was who you were to be

Life is huge like typing in big font


You feel free yet all alone

You feel something you've never felt before

A loneliness that chills you to the bone

And it continues to grow to something more


You begin to see love all around

You long for you to find it too

You take one, two, three looks and found

Nothing of interrest that means love to you


You get hurt constantly and begin to stop

Something nags you to look at one

You shake it aside since your hurt is at the top

The day comes when you notice during fun


They were once just a friend

You didn't see what could've been there

But now you see in the end

Now you want it known here


You are no longer wild and free

You can only do somethings

You have a new state to be

Now you can try new things


You feel loved and treasured

You feel something you never felt before

It's something you never felt before

And it continues to grow into something more


You were once untamed

And you weren't as whole

Now you're feeling famed

With some loving control


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