Unspoken Yearbook

Advice given me when I am in trial
Whether through example
Or egregious error
Or candid words
You are the explanation for my ability to reach for success.
You who have recurring been my model.
Your strength is astounding.
You have an enormous body
That inspires me to the gym.
Conversely, your mental strength
Is under the guise of being great because of your physical strength
And seeming insensitivity to emotions of others.
Do not become too overconfident,
And do not pursue success too readily
Before you become sentient of your intentions.
Make pure these objectives and you can find
That you have been looking for,
But too afraid to request.
You are an amicable
Friendly person.
You, nonetheless, are also rejected
By many friends as diffident and unsociable
Because of your poor ability
To communicate your jokes properly.
Do not forget to express
Your sense of loneliness
To your friends. Sometimes emotions
Speak louder than words
To the calloused and unfeeling hearts of
Teenage boys.
You are profane
And funny because of it.
You ridicule everything and nothing at the same time.
I truly enjoy your facility
To make parties and gatherings enjoyable,
To break the ice.
However, do not spend extravagantly,
Work hard, and be sensitive
To what people are feeling around you.
Your ability to tease and perform
Makes your authentic heartfelt interactions
With others feel
Concern should
Always be present, 
Regardless of words.
You are attempting to escape the world
Through videogames, beer, and marijuana.
You used to be happy and lively, but now
The world has been sucked of its color.
Keep in mind that what once brought you joy
Will always bring you joy.
This applies to marriages, friendships,
And other wholesome things.
Differentiate between joys
And wasteful pleasure seeking.
One is lasting; the other reliably temporary.
Your determination and drive
Are unsurpassed.
You also have tendencies to give
You excuses, thinking to yourself
At the same time, ‘I am good’, and
‘I am the worst’.
Yet your attitudes towards others
Are often capricious and duplicitous, as you expect
Other people to measure up to your outlooks.
Use your willpower to achieve sympathy with others.
Your unyielding ability to deride yourself
And endeavor to seize those things that you want
Defines and will define you.
You have the remarkable ability to turn defeat
Into motivation for obstinate achievement.
However, your bouts of tenacity
Are interspersed by parallel bouts of dejection.
Your propensity to ridicule yourself
Turns into unwarranted self-pride that festers,
Is not expressed,
But is obvious to those around you.
Learn to humble yourself,
And become consistent in impetus.
Your perseverance and
Enthusiasm to
Perfect are indomitable.
I cannot reach as far as you have
With your absolute effort and complete willpower,
Yet you are always aggravated.
Look at the splendor of the world.
Come and see
Your purity and virtue are incomparable.
You have tenacity and quiet humility.
You reject the mockery of good things.
You will face hardship and sorrow,
And I can surely imagine
One day you will fall.
Remember that when you are weak,
Others are most strong.
Do not be discouraged by others not seeing;
Instead, try to go to them
And show them openly,
Rather from a distance.
Have a marvelous life, all.
Your example, words,
Explain me.




Names and descriptions have been tweaked to maintain privacy. To readers, please take something from it. Enjoy!

photo creds to Zai-stock on Deviantart


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