The Unspeakable Speaks

Push comes to shove

Paper to pen

Tears leave my cheek

Feeling the ocean's waves of emotion again

Sitting in the dark pit of my room

I look up at the ceiling

When I realized

How heavy the pen felt

So I took off the cap

And started writing again

As the ink connected with paper

My soul came pouring out

Who is this girl again?

The pen pulled and pulled

Words out of my mouth

What once was thoughts and fantasies all interwined

Now no longer is divine

Disappeared into thin air

I opened the windows

And let the cool breeze fill my void

So much at once

My work was finally done

What words my voice once lacked

Came runing back

Eyes to paper

Paper to pen

Look at me, lie to me, spit at me,

Read this poem and tell me you love me again


This poem is about: 
My community


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