An Unsolved Mystery

But what is it?
Is it a measurement?
A Symbol?
A number?
It can leap, it can fly, it can slow, it can freeze.
It can trudge on with difficulty or run with ease.
It can move backward and forward and upside down.
All these things it can do, but it doesn’t make sense.

How does one do it, in measuring time?
In hours? In seconds? In blinks of an eye?
Or in weeks, months, and years,
or in the days of a life?
So many things that it can be, but what is the point?

A life is run by so many ways:
In different directions by different decisions.
In one’s life, the time will fly.
At first seeming lonely and far to the end,
and then seeming so close, that one may not comprehend.

What an absurd little word,
but it can change the life of a world.
Whether it goes forward or backwards or upside down,
time will always be around.
And its mysteries will escape me forever.


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