Unsolicited Advice to Teens growing up without a father

When your father walks away,don't cry.

Because your fingers formed in the womb of your mother

before your father even knew you existed

and she carried you with pride for nine months

knowing the very day you were born

she would become a single mother.


When your father walks away,don't cry.

Just forget how a man could turn his back on his own child

or how the same blood produced in his veins

made one half of your DNA 

or the first time you realized that God made no man perfect

Or question if God ever heard you in the first place


When your father walks away,don't cry.

Just learn that happily ever afters and grandmothers kisses

doesn't heal all wounds

that the ground is your friend

and catches you at every fall

or that heaven's wings 

only lives on angels.


when your father walks away,don't cry.

just google the image of a perfect family 

and place yourself in the portrait of a smiling child

that doesn't have the weight of a political campaign or poverty 

resting on their shoulders.


Em Anekaf

That line about the ground always catching you when you fall hit me right in the gut. Beautiful!

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