Unreachable Boy

Unreachable Boy.

Most people at our age don't consider themselves unreachable,

But you are.

Like the farthest star,

No matter how high I stretch my arms,

I'll never be able to touch you in grace, beauty, success, charm.

This is not just another crush,

I'm not living off the rush of a hormone-driven teenager,


After nineteen years of struggle, 

I'm looking for my forever.

A forever,

That with you,

Is unatainable.

You are meant to change the world,

Not waste your time on a girl, like me.

A world, 

That despite having a different body, 

You sail through effortlessly.


I'm lucky if I'm able to move without dropping something.

Your blue eyes,

Might hold the keys to life,

If given the privilege to stare long enough.

Stolen stares must be enough,

For the idea of us.

Unreachable Boy.

You probably don't remember my name,

That's okay.

To me,

You'll always be,

Unreachable Boy

This poem is about: 
My community


Ty Faison

Very sincere and easy to relate to=)

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