Universal Language

I walked with my shadow, side by side.

Walking down the road together at an even stride

As I stretched out my hand, he stretched his to me.

I took it, knowing we were going to a new history.


This new one would lead us to people—old, young, big and small

From all over the world too, and we would hear them all.

Not just in their speaking, we’d understand them too

For a new language was written, for all, for me and you.

This language was different, a new and first-hand

Way of communication for all to understand.


It wasn’t made long ago, in fact it’s relatively new.

But because of it, the lives lost from cruelty are few.

Because of it, we can go anywhere and we aren’t alone.

Whether we’re halfway around the world, or a few steps from home,

We can talk and be heard, we can all understand.

Because we can hear now, countries are starting to be hand in hand.


But this isn’t just for talkers, for speakers, for teachers,

It’s not just for athletes, for the ordinaries, for the preachers;

It’s for the deaf too, the mute and the blind

Because in this language, none would get left behind.

For the language was the same, heard and said by everyone

And there wasn’t an error again… not under the sun.

In fact not anywhere, not even Heaven above

The new language of the people would be universal… a language of love.


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