Unhealthy and Healthy Relationships


Hitting below the belt.

And not a single moment taken to consider

How the other person felt.


Discounting one another,

Assigning each other blame.

It’s an endless cat and mouse chase,

It’s a silly little game.


Avoiding conflict,

Hanging on,

Even though it’s clear to see

That the past the is too far gone.


Sure it can be hard,

But give it all your might.

Because although fighting dirty maybe tempting,

A healthy relationship  is well worth the fight.


Tackling one problem at a time,

Communicating I instead of You.

And finding ways to take the blame

From either of the two.


Acknowledge each other’s

Feelings, needs, and points of view.

And when one of you are vulnerable

Empathy is crucial, too.


Facing problems head on,

Learning how to forgive and forget.

For the longer you hold on to those pent up emotions,

The longer you’ll regret.


So in conclusion,

Now, you see.

We cannot treat the ones we love,

As if they are our enemy.



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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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