Dear Depression,

You make me lost and confused, lonely but surrounded by people, happy but empty, sad and nostalgic, yearning for simpler times, proud but full of self hate, guilty but innocent, angry, disappointed and disgusted with past me, angry and sickened by people in the past, bored, part of the crowd but also a spectator; watching and listening, low lows and high highs, missing people and done with others, scared to move forward, scared to move away, loud but silent, feel unimportant, want people to like me but don't believe them when they say they do, sit on the bus full of my friends but four seats away from the nearest person; sit with adults, analyzing my fellow teenagers, extradite myself but feel sorry for myself, tired but full of energy, physically tired too, regret things I didn't do and things I also did; run those through my head, self pity and annoyed that I have it, want to be close to people but get rejected, lost and confused and I’m tired of you.

Sincerely, Acacia


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