I remember my old flesh would clash,
Saying 'my son take your studies in the making',
Dash not your work for a future awaits else I lash,
maintain a good behavior so not to be detain,
Last in the blast of sixteen and forget the writings,
Cause a time to rest await you in your course,

Simple ways it were in my days like the smile that showed my dimples,
Too sad the system had an encroachment backing the lacking doors,
Employment then became my detriment yet unstained cause life I detained,

Now as you cross to the crushing gross smoked screen for a helping bow,
Be honest not to fall into her mall and map he; the jealous soul so not to be zap,
Contend with your thousands pieces of sheet while you lay on the sheet you obtained,

Become a graduate and even Bill, will never have a situate to acclaim your opportunity to Outcome,
Employments would run with their shoulders high for your broader sigh for the moments,
Courage my son, and do not morn for your brain then will be the main needed storage...

I recall all my father said,
But now am just a doll in a mall yet never paid.

Nineteen years mamma not sixteen ways pappa,
Healing for the wounds that keep me yelling.

Only wishes and empty lucks we had plaid,
Emptying our pockets for nothing but blocks i said.

Chances, choices, lapses the government causes,
Yet, mates, trades the citizens had as poses.

Awaiting patiently like a snail yet no mails,
No chances of jobs for dogs.

In my country, O' Nigeria we suffer all the years in academic cadres so to be stronger for the loaners because jobs are full-empty promises chased to the graves of all who keep applying.

Only that one day, education will be useless since the uneducated are the wealthiest and hope for the educated in job cremations, while we prosper in bragging school for nothing.

All those naira for waste, the trekking for a mare kobo mistakenly linking and my dream wife the chase by my illiterate boss whom my intellectual brains must not dare for it could cause my family.

What use is the education then, the hope to see a green color that suddenly turns irritatingly red, unemployment has given us so much to pray for as our leaders maintain a suppressive measures.

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