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In the shadows I stand,
Waiting for the day when I am no longer called illegal
Am I from outer space?
Is that why they call me an alien?
I work harder in one day than most American’s will in a lifetime
Why won’t they see me?
Why am I not allowed to go to college?
I contribute to this economy and I pay taxes,
What makes me any less than you?
Is it because I don’t have papers?
Is it my skin color?
Is it the hard labor that I do?
I am not any different than you
I am a human
I will go to college just like you
The only difference is I won’t be able to use my degree,
Because I am undocumented.

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Yes I did write this poem, however I am a documented person, I was born and raised in the USA. I have friends however who are undocumented and I wrote this for them.

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