Under the weather


unseen enemy invades my body with a platoon of green berets air

born, and enfilading immune system viz
   knock and sock kin me with seer sucker punches

   mightier than a wallop from an indomitable

   haversack carrying giant bully bear

whereby ogre freighted hallucinatory dreams

   pop up dunk kin the ordinarily outlook clear

   via this earthlinked, googly eyed live prodigy

   also smart ass derriere
(ha – at least sense of humor still intact)

   when rest tis only respite against e’er
gang num of plenti supreme warriors decimating

   ordinary robust healthy dreams
   with Machiavellian bravado –

   commando egg flu smacking dagnabbit fear
less ness n sync king  

   feigning to be the magnificent seven donning
 follicles slicked in imitation of a greaser

   coiffed swept back blond hair, where

   (if one could zoom in and magnify manifold)        

   melee evincing hammered rods bamboozling

   schlepper with molecular size trumpeting    

   atomic bombs leveling thee MineCraft concentration

   with piercing arrow marks
   which intrepid invisible microscopic organisms,
   either attack as one cingular rich hardened gear
entity or congregate as best buy capitalone

   egghead aggregate groupon heir

to the don AskJeeves throne –

   as one linkedin BuzzFeed ding on my Bing
as if this hotmail happened tubby some fancy feast,

   where gimlet eyed did cling
asper with super acting non-glue tin,

   NOR NON GMO guaranteeing LifeLock
   on par with Pinterest ting hand crafted gold earring
these invaders re: Avast itsy bitsy potpourri foreigners

   without any remorse to fling

helter skelter their infectious Twittering, SnapChatting,

   and Ringling Brother   

   Barnum, Banks, Bailey and Bittle inherited

   deadly killjoy Bluetooth to quell
as defensive IdentityGuard from their mothers

   excellent skill casting a spell
binding gilt free progressively deteriorating conditions

   where the William Tell
Overture play doh ver, and over incessantly within –
   any let up waking up in cold sweat per unwelcome viz zit
   by archers in dark hoodies wielding bow
   whereat slings and arrows well
aimed at the apple of me heart, thus ratcheting up a notch
   this feeling feathery tarred,

   and essentially un well, where microbial infrastructure
   bound me with fluted strep throat, thus disallowing me to yell.



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