Under the Peach tree



Heaven tore apart
Heart bore rainbow
Soul firms the crystalline

Today lasts the bliss
Amaranthine blooms tomorrow

We awoke dormant hopes
We evoke celestial siblings
We summon uninhabited spirits
Under the Peach tree shade

Sybil plays the lyre and
The strings made of golden hairs
The goat fleece shines
Mild melody ceases every pain
For those who sing and
For those who sing not; equally
For those who hear and have
No flu; enjoying the Jasmine odor
Lavender and Iris embracing
The assembly; under the shade of
The peach tree; collecting
The drops of Beauty;
Tears of eternity in goblets
Made of Amethyst and
The Platinum lid
To seal the liqueur
For the next platoon of Love martyrs
It may be you dear it may be you
And you and you; who drink
This Elixir

All I expect is you open
The bud of your being
So I may put a solely drop
So the clear light of Bliss
Overwhelms and folds
Your innocence; protects it
From the sinner, and
Its permanent malice


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