Under The Influence

Model of a human, in this you'd surely see,

It's a part of every one of us, to each heart it holds a key.

Sometimes it trips us up when we're heading for success,

Other times it heals our wounds when we're nothing but a mess.

The wonder of it strikes me, the power it contains,

It defines us so much so, it's almost flowing through our veins.

It's a flame that keeps us going when we've outburned our wick,

It's a rejuvenating balm, best known as music.


Understood by every person, but personal to us each,

It's a way to connect amongst each other when nothing else will reach.

The songs we love speak volumes to those we don't even know,

They show our inner feelings- a glimpse through our heart's window.

Lyrics and beats communicate when all other words sum to naught,

When feelings seem stuck inside us, they unleash unspoken thoughts.


Steady it can keep us when too many hurts collide,

It keeps us above surface when life's ship seems to have capsized.

The feeling of escape when a song is all that you can hear,

Brings a wave of sweet relief and your troubles disappear.

Other times in life, when the word 'wonderful' can describe,

You choose a different music type that leaves you flying high.

Emotions and personality separate our music choices apart,

Some music leaves us feeling nothing, while others can set fire to our heart.


Intertwined with music is our identity,

It's about who we are and who we strive to be.

Identification is not necessarily how we choose our genre or style,

Rather, music somehow begins to identify us after awhile.

How hard or soft, how fast or slow,

The degree of its volume, the expressions we show.

Our critiquing shows preference, our playlists show taste,

Each of our choices are all interlaced.


Conjuring up images with a song in mind,

Makes us lost in thought and lose track of time.

Images dance and float with the words,

Memories and dreams begin to converge.

All of these things, intangible or not,

Lead me to share this one conclusive thought.

By the effects music has, I am convinced,

We are all, inevitably, under the influence.


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